Linux on HP pavilion ze1115 laptop

Last updated: Jan 26, 2004

Here is another page you will want to look at.
It has a lot of info about ACPI and why you NEED it.

Keyboard setup

Here is a useful .Xmodmap file to map your multimedia keys.

Note: On linux 2.6.1 kernel you need to patch atkbd.c and keyboard.c or your arrow and question mark buttons won't work.
Look in your /var/log/kernel file. If you see the following, you are in this boat with me.

I guess contact me if you can't figure this out. Maybe I will create a patch file if I get enough requests...

Instead of patching the kernel, try using setkeycodes:
setkeycodes e074 244
setkeycodes e073 243
But there is one catch: The scancode to keycode mapping does not work under X. For me that makes it pretty useless. I guess my kernel-patching days are not over.

You like fluxbox? Here is a useful keys file to use with your new keyboard mapping.

XFree86 setup

Here is my XF86Config-4 file.
If you want DRI (3d acceleration) support, click here, or go to via arena for the source.
Actually, the page you are really want is here.

Savage video card (TwisterK):

s3lcd: This is a small program to shrink/stretch the LCD screen on your laptop with savage video card. In windows they call this "Expand Panel Image." I used Tim Roberts s3switch program to help me write it. Soon he will incorporate this functionality right into his s3switch program, so you won't need this utility.

It is quite useful especially if you have a slower laptop and want to play games or watch videos or run other graphically intensive programs, because now you can switch to a lower resolution screen mode without suffering a loss of screen real estate.

Linux 2.6 kernel

If you get the newest kernel, you can set the CPU frequency. It is very nice! I set mine to 500 MHz at startup and now my laptop fan almost never comes on! This is not the same thing as throttling, but you'll want to play with that too (/proc/acpi/processor/CPU0/throttling).

Don't forget to check out my CPU Governor script on my main linux page.

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